FCSRS State Y. 1996 Finale edition basis STATE PLANET EARTH


Flag: The Bee on white.

State Planet Earth is a free independent private based State and Galaxy Nation in a Holding owned by JENS PETER SCHWARTZLOSE CLAIRE, SPE.

Juristification and purpose in my State Thé Earth

Paranormal friendly defends and Legal defends of humanity and Nature and our Galaxy Nation assets in all and our success and habitat 3D size our map.


All under the Light of Platonic Star Planet our State Planet Earth own Star named the Sun: Light outwards and gravity back into the point inside of the local Star on the move in the Galaxy is a difinition in 3-Dimentional even 4-Dimentional. Light is also in the dark as atomars falling. Electrons are Light too.


Since The Galaxy State and Nation is on the move and the point of gravity is dynamic and so is the atmosphere Thé Light, Thé Electron fields, Thé Magnetic fields and local cosmos content even Galaxy lines in gravities even Light in all moving, this information has been given.


EcoMine, where Eco the Body relates to Mine / My Body, taken from my writing and properties:

The FCSRS State edition 19961018, and one share for any Legal Body alive also arriving from Space when Legal Humanity intelligent.

Further MyCoin from State Planet Earth new EcoMine replaces Economy from MyCard to transact all and any basic needs.


ClaireVatIsm and legal existing Religions.

Justice: Under Thé Light.


Thé Claire, Black or White are no race but pigment, all got transperant protein color of skin. White is fat.

Time Age:

Light Age,, after the fossil Industry Age.

Justification and Legal Law:

Law is under The United Nations International, UN, and International law and practice too, and Thé Law plus new Laws and my free own writings a foundation what here follows.

Human and Nature and Cosmos

All and any are my book-keeping assets. Other assets are The Light, The Magnet fields, Rock, Magma, Star, Star and Moon and Rock in cosmos minerals and metals including Meta Psychics substances mining including waters, and Planet Earth is a Platonic Star of release by JENS PETER proven by NASA later, moons, planets, Space Dust, waters, atmosphere, genetic pools, human activity an asset including life forms arriving from SPACE including Thé Creators and friends.


I got VETO as owner and holder own State Earth.


First written off as responsible no actor giving protest State to State business as follows:

1.: Burning and refining for burning organic material even natural State Earth and local Galaxy ressources acts are ANTI my enterprise free capitalistic none private based against humanity and Civilizations to last.

2.: Bringing satelites and Space Stations in to traffic High-Ways in Free SPECE is a mining of traffic road after 1960'ties knowlegde and public understanding Earth.

3.: Spreading Virus in and by computing and Light Beams (Laser Light) in DATA streaming is terrorism against other Galaxy Intelligences and life forms holding computing and radio processing, this includes film and movies and sound of primitive also advanced sexacts some criminal by State Earth underlaying Nations respective own laws and practice to by all means prevent in full stop.



Galaxy Nation

All under Thé Light

Public Press Release based on my mailing, internet sites under own domain and posts in and Facebook editions after 1996 (ANITI TERRORISM WAR AGAISNT TERROR WW3, 1+2+3) / 2013.

All Rights Reserved SPE.

Foreword, Let all vote my State.

Group versus individual, group problem is individuals, corporate is legal body, State is State a state not an individual. State is legal body, individuals and legal body can be condemt. State remains. Bodies loose.

Socialist organized sharing of legal body, in any part legal responsibility can be shared i.e. lose voters, when acting without mandat as responsible as delegated, what is by word shared in out sourced among legal body act later lose freedom in undermining State in relevant cases.

We rule, no law rule.

Right opposite, The Law Rules.

Why not a public voting right now.

F uture C apitalistic S ocial R esponsible S ociety State is about other five, B A S I C, is pure Waters, Food,, Energy, Justice and Ecomine not a EcoNoMy, a mentally based in sound psychologic in respect for Organics, a Dynamic State Writing after basics turned contra on yesterdays time age, will give win win, Nature and Mankind very DansKeen, all legal winning holding Legal State Planet Earth and Legal Votes for next Presidency.

Legal Law, The Allowed Law.

None Socialist state, own legal body, own value book kept (Hyper Capitalistic), Own act and in group legal act responsible (Hyper law state), Clean living pro living (Hyper Chistianity) on highest science and Nature and DATA evidence, reality intelligence basic based (Hyper modern Humanity), Intelligence race differentiation (New Race defined Hetro Human), new laws Organic Law, Genetic Law (Optimazation on skills, intelligence based), New Ecomine not EcoNoMy (Traditions conservatism falls, Eco optimums), name Dynamic State is STATE PLANET EARTH, ISM is ClaireVatIsm

Have the perspective, see the next horizon smart in our time Light Age, be worth a million WeShare not how to win a million quit. Work and time is not limited, income and finances are not limited, when P rise, T ime, Quality, R ealized S ervice - Warrenty on any product and labor even paid life time education as job has been national and international under our State Planet Earth.

State Planet Earth all living life living on own limited account spending, and all Legal income, material and or immaterial account value and spending all agreed. Giving out per person or family in millions to spend, is not FCSRS State but un sustainable, party life away in consumer race, polution, who to pay for clean up ignoring my clean energy tech Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, and pay cash due environmental my bill presented after founded my State in 1996. Other who is found responsible in credit wins daily basis over Truth of Today the real life cost this generation this year not tomorrow.

Growth is then nolonger limited or any other boble EcoNoMe, but EcoMine, our Planet Share also mine and even Planet in balance plus endless SPACE Programs and our lifeform can continue Legal State Planet; State Earth..

System then must be allowed and how to do Laws, we do, we did, we store, we won legal way. The only standing winner, why my State, our State in Stock Shares never sold on all time ages winner. Point Intelligence wins Psychics, Organic, combined Genetics, pair and win win situation, last yet a new Logic my Law. Hetro Human and Nature and Ressources are new book keeping assets, environment and Net Energy Earning in energy is in too book kept in Finale Accounting my State Planet Earth on Stock Shares for Legal Law, The Allowed Law.

When running any business starting signing debts, all and any asset is at risk of take over what suits banker, bank credit owner, politics, other corporate State forces to undermine own life well being, corporate continuing and own status, why NO WAY.

Now to you all again since 1996 and childhood of mine expressed: Take it or leave it - Legal or illegal, your choice, my then our winning?... ...

So conclusion is shop my stock capital product and energy shares from me to show national interest, buy my energy, have my State share by seeking it personal.

Serve this Planet Systems legal pro life, not only party time away on next and my generation time work and service but serve your respective nation.


Confident PAGES: 20/20

The Republican Party OWNER OF LETTER

Attn.: Mr. "President" AND FREE RETURN TO


Dag Hammerschölds Allé 24 NOT FOR SALE

2100 Copenhagen EAST. Date: 19961018

Time: 08532222

Ref.: finance

Doc.: 961018/


Conc. Industrial Spying in U.S. Embassy Copenhagen/ Who's to A "Bill":

Please work with this one and find a job for me fast. I'll work. See page 29+30 for CV and personality. The spy-tape costs l mill $ in account GB Bank Denmark account xxxxxxxx. Bill enclosed.

I have enclosed some writing in Danish and a letter in American to Mr. Bill Clinton and it is urgent for you to read it and the last page: The referendum. A bomb under Bill Clinton. I promise you.

Your country got the power and finance I need and we syntheses the invents to make more money, more power and PRIVATE Based State, PBS. I have written this to you Mr. Bob Dole because I am provoked to do so. I am pushed in to it. I will not accept to be manipulated by American spirits, the Royal Court in Denmark and its organisation. 32 years old and my life have gone by and I am lucky they have shot me yet in a hospital. I am tried of having my spirit being raped for knowledge. A spiritist will know what it means. And I am on National Assistance. No finance!

I need help. No one is backing me up. I am honest about my invents in all Mr. Bob Dole. Please help me out in finance in the United States and I will help you financially in the future and that means I will double Bill Gates account up every year from year 2005.

Start at 100 Mill. US $. This is Big.

I will work for you day and night and I am confident in having conversation on MBA level in all matters as an idea feeder from salesman work and I am a professional "can'-sby" verbally.

Congratulate you as president up front!

(A TV-show or speech smile emoticon

Head lines... (Is the head line)

Socialism and Mr. Envy in through the back door: When the cash flow in our country goes from private to public cash registers we loose the spirit and the quality in work if there is a work. (To provoke you are slaughtering your self and Democrats listen). Republicans fire staff not bonds the Democrats believe. For citizens to understand: Work but not a work to tell anyone about.

It is simple our family as an institution that is run over by a Democratic Socialistic based system. Make us homogen and give us a never ending love song, so we believe what we are not: Happy and safe. Split every family up and spread them out. Work in group but the group needs a leader and I am Bob Dole.


Landscapes from a helicopter. Soft pictures here starts the farmer his work, to a plant, transported, small shops in a shopping centre, environment: Flowers given to a house wife, a Valentines Day card, an abandoned husband, a beggar eats the product from the farmers field in the back and he is interviewed:

Where is your wife? I have no wif ‘.

Why? (No answer cut)

He litters in a bin and his fingers are in the net like jail bars. Cut. It is emptied and driven to the deposit plant and birds are screaming. His life was the litter understood. He is isolated and in fear.

In studio:

But we are all individual and we want a personal hug or flowers not a pay cheque or to have our personal life run by a State Office. Then we do the same to our country as has happened in Denmark in Europe.

We will get board in that kind of society working as a community and we will all be isolated and communicated down into a dependency to the system that makes all for us, "from the day your children are born to they die!". Why not on company level and a law equal like in a State Public Service Law Book, SPSLB to create Gross National Product, GNP(GDP/BNP)-value instead of debts and print bonds for more debts. There is a room for everyone, so I believe The United Stated should take position and make law on a private level and that includes import goods to avoid competition on labour pay and labour time (they are combined always) so the competition in the future only is based on quality jobs, goods in all, design, money, delivery warranty etc.

That takes out the self-destructive behaviours and statistic outputs in Private Corporation combined with state household seen from the states point of view.

Even worse on state to state level.

A positive inter active communication level and not an economical cannibalism. Money talks. We must learn to communicate on all levels to one an other in respect and in peace for new growth and a new theory based on the human as an resource in a Free Capitalistic Social Responsible Way, FCSRW, in respect for life and nature in all with law to direct - not to catch or to hold progress back on private basis.

Competition is good, but not it we eat or hammer one another. We are a community and this is what has halted in pure Liberal policy up till now. We have, to set goals and work co-ordinated in the family, with our friends, in our free time and between corporations and so call differentiated interest. And no -ism can stand for it self in a Free Capitalistic Social Responsible Society, FCSRS, based on a community.

We basically have the same interest. So we have to define new values to create more assets like High Intelligence, creativity, studies all sort of immaterial assist for the book. It is not only land and goods that are assets. That is for a grosser and the French monk that invented the system centuries ago and all way back to Arabian cultures who invented money. New times and new books. Share and smile. I need my calendar. Yes 1996 and several economical and industrial revolutions since. It is antics times... how many?

But compete on quality in care, work and business. Financed by changing the laws of bookkeeping.

It is what we all are here for. Doing our best. But we are not allowed. Hammer/I "dive" you at

home, at work, in school, in marriage and so on.

What we have is not is a human society for all. A false social concept.

A human belongs to a related group and need communications skills to solve own also crises and it is always by communication and use of our senses. It is important for our brain to be stimulated in variation on income and have a small success every day. To give and to get back. A "we do"-situation and store: I did it. High five situation again and again. Let us do it Bill for the camera? (He won't).

(Or you cut-) Old white behaviour a dive, no high five. Why? The law is a positive law: This are we allowed to do law in all matters and creativity is a goal by a new allowed to do law basic.

So end of creativity against anyone to hammer anyone. Not even the U.S. of A. administrators.

A law like the way success full children are brought up by their parents.

We have to make our home a positive invent for all of us.

The social concept for human is a family. A family where we are not separated and where you are accepted. Where you are not hammered but where things work and you are made happy. In communication tool output, that means simply made happy and no need of fear or manipulation.

That is what we life for: To be a happy nation in an open process. What is to hide...?

We all need "accept-ants" as a person to survive. It is needed. The best way to the purest in our society is to give them a possibility to educate them self. We need schools and jobs to restore the family in The United States as the home for our spirit.

The public health care system and social (pedagogy) workers are needed to treat and communicate people up and it is the best in all matters.

Never to be removed. It is a true humanity a safety net and for all and is financed in this concept developed by JPC, Denmark. A pill is not the solution. It c a n uncover there is something wrong in a states policy in health and communication policy from people to people, system to the people, machine to

the people. And from the interactive media to our brain in programming understood. Behaviours are to settle down our mind from what we live through both exposed and hidden.

But what we really need is a school in communication and behaviours to make this country our home the best place to live. Getting rich is not a goal in it self to reach or to hunt on a personal level. The process doing it and being it is the main item. If not: Only greed and envy guides you.

We use to mush time in verbal or legal fights and meetings. We have to move the time we spend out of the office into the street and everywhere the social problems are arising. This is what has failed in the chip revolution, the profit maxi(st)mazation (when "private" corporation takes it "all") and cost minimisation process as American Commerce Religion. In Denmark the name of the person is named the HA-Diploma Economists. It takes tree years to graduate to "HA" and for some it has become a lifestyle often a lonely one. As leader you become the enemy.

So as other maxi(st)mazation programs in High Cultures the believes dies out. And becomes disbelieves and many fill in mischief. The Commerce Religion takes the value out of life, the family, job and more - away from the people without making new jobs and industries and new growth in material and non material assets. It has become economical cannibalism. This fight only the largest bankers win and we let them do it again and again. Is this to satisfy an agreed goal to dominate in "Gross"- manners or is it simply greed and envy controlled? Is chaos and self-destructive equal to pure socialism and pure capitalism as polls?

What mix in all do we need in each culture?

What kind of jobs has "HA-educated persons on our globe and how and why?

Imagine you arrive from Space as Interstellar Security after terror attack in nuclear satellites, Space junk, Radio propagandas in War, Porno, DATA Virus, warcrimes as intertainment shows including Western genocides on Nature People Indians living sustainable in pact with Nature as front as  from a begining civilization before Planet State etablished to this planet system and what you see is a crime-sceen in systemacy organiced slaughter on Nature and Natural Ressources for profit against millions of generation next. Further a Space Cabin Craft none existing and Space capability of survicval not achieved by the most developed ignoring JENS PETER INDUSTRIES. Further book-keeping is ignorring value losses of the Legal Body itself and Nature and the habitats are being polluted. Most are first generations of toilet paper and flush, being dressed, living "modern"-life, but sceen is very immature global civilization of its first steps ligering to weapons and chemical shots wealth status is wrongdoing in over eating and over consuming prehuman lifestyle in burning as power on to a reformation in to new Time Age in sudden truth sustainablities to survive. Writing and free press ignorred by profitmakers and Energy Break-Even not acchieved for the Global World. Leaders are blindfolded driven by profit in unsustainabilties. Acts Demergogic, self-destructive, dead end road for own civilizations culture wide and cultures, and lifeforms on the egde og existence ignorred. For the history book and film, will generation next take revench, will there be grave peace? (This paragraph added 20151026 0850-0930 CET SPE).

To show an example uncover by analysis, solve, deprogram and remove the problem to create a new personality program to set new values and better behaviours.

Not a treatment program for us all, where you as a person fill as a number, pacified and stuffed.

It is better to prevent than to treat. And it is cheaper.

When we have something to live for and to do we feel better. And the money and the human resource can be spend to create assets to increase the Gross National Product, GNP (GDP/BNP) to create more everyday successes and positive experiences in all to all.

We have to move away from the Administrative and Bureaucratic school into a Practical, Systematic and programmed for Goal Society also in politics (Looking at Bill Clinton and then bow to the camera) and by making social law for labour the cash flows through the private corporations to communicate the people and workers happy and "Mr. Dotomorrow" would have to work. A fully positive feedback between private and State household.

Every one have a wish or a plan for their life. What is yours Mr. Bill Clinton.

Is it a C o m m u n i t y instead of an S o c i e t y and why won’t the Democratic Members allow behaviours as a subject in school and "how to do it" and "have to work and act program" in mind in the public school. Have we forgotten religion like some of the atheist socialist states?

Not ghost-makers or spiritism nor spiritual rape - but respect to Holy and old traditions - personal experience from life to pass on but as ballast and the future and life on top. A future for all of us to make our life more worth in the look of our self as a person and as a Nation.

Make people and their family solve their loneliness by a new communication program inside as education from life. The public media is not enough to satisfy the brain in stimulation and when the TV is turned of realty comes back. Wrong training and programming for a pure viewer and disillusion and it kills the good spirit and creates anger and violent behaviours.

Frustration not to have and no legal possibility to get and no chance to communicate because of lack in possibilities in a modern debt prison, set free to walk around and rich have all the fun. The media's have communicated many of us to a higher social level but we are not capable to reach the standards because of to little cash. Is control needed and who is to judge when the "border"-men in our social life is not educated in communication tools and understanding where humans are a variable and a risk not to trust in a formula. And who said money was only a tool and a value to trust in. Is it power for power in it self? Afraid exposing your own weakness.

If we all had good behaviours and that means discipline! There was in principle no limit for growth but Mr. Envy. An envy based on you has to work but we have fired you, dumped you socially. We need new jobs and values and a new social realistic look at society and community. What makes people behave and not how to hammer them.

If the basic needs are covered. We go to sleep but we must learn the communication tools to keep working when we all in time become rich. The social worker, the caring mom or dad, (children next voter) cannot be in my body day and night and we cannot solve loneliness by paying more and more tax. It's a dead road for U.S. of A.

Other country and example:

In Scandinavia they have tried this for about 20 years by The Socialist Parties (The Socialistic Democratic Party) there. I would really like to ask Mr. Bill Clinton this question:

"Are you willing to add to the constitution, that it is illegal the run State under State Budget as a crime like bank rubbery or like tax fraud ?

Wait a long time for "replay”....

("No/you will think about it and no comment (present)", he answers).

As A President shouldn't it be more like: "I have had in mind”? (Bob Dole scratch your neck). "This is complicated Bill Clinton. You se Denmark, they have tried a socialistic road in policy and they have not succeeded" (List of Danish World records in social disasters (Mors Hammer, tv2, Denmark 97).

and you even had the Danish Crown Prince in your office...?

(Reinforce him, camera 2: Bill is smiling back to camera one)

But they have no laws about running a state under budget.

Actually today they run -48 million a day (winter 1997) and State Debts are more than twice as much as the value on their stock exchange.

How will you prevent that without a law about running under budget? And are you into what the Danish socialist party stands for as a goal?

(I don't know their blab. blab. cut him of)

They are actually in for nationalisation but the "democratic" way, sorry ... elected way. But when a state is running under budget it is the run-way to "revolution". This revolution can take many years. Is it a step-by-step policy Mr. Bill Clinton is your strategist available here?

(Look around Bill needs back up and to camera one: lift your shoulders

and open hands to the camera)

(Replies: It is not- blab, blab. Cut him of.)

Does that mean you will agree on The Republican Extended New Develop Program, TREND Program?

Why not think positive and communicate positive. In a process to make an output that makes people smile naturally. We have to pay tax and it is not the percentage in tax. It is how it is administrated and what it is used for and what purpose. The Republican Party will make new types of jobs for teachers, new schools and education programs for those who have no future for a private society and that goes all the way from a citizen living in a shoe box to me who is running for president (your hand to your hart) .

It is better and cheaper to give education and schooling and wait a few years for the result than start a never ending story in running under budget to try to control what is sneaking in.

National Assistance is passivity and impotence of the people and gives less communication skills and money to socialise. We The Republican Party stands for a social law in the assets working environment to raise The Gross National Product, GNP(GDP/BNP) and to make the new kind of jobs.

Bonds are debts-bill-s (look at him). ""Dollars"" are assets and shares are assets.

No one can run a household in debts not even America.

Where is work and where progress for every-man is when bills are all over


I'm Bob Dole I am positive.

Commercial. Stars and Stripes for half a minute and a salute. Bang !

You are back on screen:

(Big smile and your tie has thé American knot - not Bills knot witch like always is a "stocked in the car door"-knot.)

About the new jobs. I have him. As he said:

"In Denmark in Scandinavia they have this problem that the inventor of Solar Collectors can't get his work patented. Up until now Thee Socialists and Communists in Denmark has considered Solar Light Energy Collectors as energy to support by the government. Now they won’t give the inventor any finance to get it patented in his name because they can't afford to support a profitable project in energy and net earning. State Plan Economy, SPE, like old communist gang bang".

Example of negative thinking:

If he get richer. I get may be less rich. And we do not accept that, so best he is blocked so we steal it from him or we'll sue him real "tight", might have been the reason or just "Mr. Socialism".

To solve this is to secure corporation and a maximum size before it is shared in to two or several smaller parts to increase local environment in business and the social work and create new jobs with warranty in time and a money reformation. It is still total Capitalism but more human and it costs 0 dollar.

A new way to get the economic and the human "rights" parallel after several technological revolutions and experiences in the economics, the communication tools and in the idea-histories.

WHO have a definition for health as a sudden state of physic, psychical and social well being and not just any illness or invalidation. Well being is a positive state that involves the whole body and its life situation.

(Goals for health for all 1986).

Sick systems create sick individuals when communication halts.

What are we running from? (Life - We need a hug).

This is not for Bond to solve or Bill to bill. But Dole to make!


Why work against when you can work for it or his goals. Make it your goal.

A new way to make things work. Everyone to have an acceptance for intelligence as a must. But when we cut down jobs in the private sector to save on our private budget the state get expenses and less tax income.

The industry has to accept that fact and not run away and invest in next town council or another part of the world. Progress shall not be based on rape on human and nature as a resource but truly as assets.

Responsibility both on State Corporation and on Private Corporation level.

And we all need safety in our life when a family or relations halt. What do we have to live for.

Where do I go, when my spirit has no home and I am alone with my problems.

Everybody deserves a minimum package of new printed money to buy from their own account: Education, public service. housing, private inventory and finance to raise a family and their own children on a Children-Raise-License to get the privileges.

(Minimum education in care and common communication with a child in respect to keep the line when adult and to handle growth in population in Future Land and every woman and man can graduate).

In "our" modern way of living we have forgotten our basics in behaviours and our is understood hammer communicated out in frustration not able "to give to get"-program. And we are unhappy not to have in material. And our capitols creates loneliness and when we are alone we have less strength to fight for our dreams, plans etc. We need to meet and talk all day to get going.

That is human nature. A-Law. When we are isolated all sorts of variations in behaviour appears some unnatural and that includes screwing someone else's ass and spread HIV legally in to heterosexual environment to pollute social life and contact on a free and natural basis. It creates fear in the majority to protect the minorities’ communication to slip out. Not to mention the gang bang sub-cultures. The best examples to expose misunderstood humanity, human rights, free speech, singing and press and more. Pollution of a majority and an attack on common sense. As the Vatican State said this spring: "Gay can be accepted as long as it stays in the closet".

The longer we make the string of "spiritual-bonds", the less control you have in end of time on our community and our expenses explodes. Pure injection and setting U.S. of A. back.

I am Bob Dole and I will cut that string of bonds.

There are contradictions and we must work on labour level, but also and very important in our self in moral, ethics and the spirit to make this globe a new base for progress to get more luxury through extraordinary workmanship for our community and States. Our Nation. The old puritan/ grosser monk economic is based on absolute monarchy and reign supreme or merchants book keeping in egocentric behaviours and the we men are no longer just demons or to neglect. It is nature.

Mother Earth and a globe to consider Noah's Arch in space understood.

Female values like give life, share the grocery, make it cosy, make dinner, make all feel comfortable just follow (hen-type) but all senses on to direct, correct and small talkers are "in", when millions of people have to live side by side in a modem life where more and more are isolated. And man must accept her as a female lion like in nature!

And we can afford it, but man must learn and have nature in respect. (Nature means woman, nature, life and string to High cultures Pg Dw).

Humans and humanity is no longer for "curettage" in work or on a family basis. We do not need a "bludgeon stroke" in a Neanderthal Man mentality output on our job or in our home - but understanding and respect in love to the future state U. S. of A. There are room for everyone when communication is in its place in our heart and mind and we use it in real life.

I am Bob Dole and I will change bad environmental inheritance by work.

There are new communication tools verbally, mimics and by touch. The non-authorised subcultures manipulators working like monk-lounges with or with out ring or else has to be replaced.

Pressure and fear creates depression on a family basis and for us all as a nation and it is not needed because of limited resources and techniques and for reasons like inheritance in culture and religion like in the past. Start a new life scratch like a spacecraft.

To give is a way to get. (Feedback).

To take is a way to loose respect (negative feed-back).

U. S. of A. is a very modern country and we have in time made our children so clever that the machines and systems nearly can live without us. So now, we have a big chance to have time to communicate and play friendly and to learn to remove the reason for a problem to rise.

In Gods own country we do have spirit, the assets, the will, the strength and the economy and all tolls to lift us all. We are highly educated and smart and in our nation. The old money and basic material needs in an every day fight is too old to live (on, in, out, of, from) now a days, when the new education program is in our new school programs in programming the mind. Learning and controlled manners.

It is careless to drive away from a social level we do not like. We have to face it and communicate upwards. The concrete culture and housing of problems without solving the environment social inheritance is very expensive to our resource: The people.

We can not afford this waist of money and time in non productive programs. We have as supreme an obligation to find a communications level and communicate everyone upwards. We do that on television and we do understand the signals if we are educated, and as rich we get the honey and the cream. But when pure and lost. Pure disillusion.

When and if we continue a drive bye every time and consider this group of

o u r people may be even our children for losers. Where are we as a civilisation. Lost in track. In a dream world

made by profit makers. We got into mischief. As Americans we need a real dream for life and for our way of thinking and for new jobs and invents.

We can all and shall all work and produce values both in materialistic and in non materialistic outcome in a process by the interactive method called:

My life. And fill integrity - but integrated.

The world histories greatest assets are spilled every moment. We could build spacecrafts and new toys for every woman and man instead of paying any kind of National Assistance. We could have a communication basis, fresh water for all, food for all, care for all in all. But we have to work for more than our own interest as a country - to get respect for good manners and privacy back.

The Republican Future Community, FCC, is financed by turning expenses in to investments in assets like a program on a diskette is a asset, education in our mind is an assets. If no work: Lifetime study or work to produce a happy positive Nation. Furthermore the way we book must be reformed and make IQ an asset, creativity an asset the more the better, so earlier non materialistic assets become materialistic assets, the human being (to be).

It will finance growth on value for the money instead of bonds for debts. A new beginning where the bill envelope is a positive bank account to buy welfare, when you work in the Republican way.

In thinking and in mind to go from negative to positive thinking to create a more human and more culture wide society and no fighting. When you are valued and attractive, then you are somebody and your spirit becomes stabile and you can look at your self in the mirror.

As fellow citizen we can not let life go bye our self or our sister or brother, when we could have action all life long.

Let’s learn the "new" tools, make the toys together, and play a happy game. Life is a theatre. We all have a role ... to the positive goal agreed on a legal basis, that includes ordered education in behaviours, in reading, writing, practically even by force, and that includes adults who cannot accept coexistence on an agreed basis all the way up to Presidents or Royalties or simply supreme citizens and more.

´´Wanna´´ be on the winning team the US marine soldier said.

Let the state be a receiver and buy the narcotics directly and use the producers canals to export goods and let the pushers be under DEA to keep the drug out and away from any sales in a global growth program.

Partly financed by the insurance companies savings and a soldier on every street corner to remove that environment from U. S. of A. A broad when we make the criminal his own shopkeeper in legal goods he changes behaviours to benefit. Where will the big sharks sell narcotics when the fish is a soldier. He has to come forward for a promise of immunity from criminal proceedings.

A state can freely differentiate its tools and be totalitarian, when its enemy is inside in your own State and is against our own children of this nation! And will shall give all youth something to believe in and live for and nobody must feel abandoned or all alone. We are a community and we need to socialise and to be respected.

If it fails for real, it will not be a mistake but a to try again until it has succeed.

Nature against the man and man against the nature and own biology. Self-destruction has to stop. Full stop. And the environments where it raise and the reasons have to be removed with a fist toward that type of "businessmen" and sub leaders. So nature and the environment in the GNP.

People are not only a raw material, but an asset and WHO, World Health Organisation official goal has to be every Presidents goal and by new bookkeeping in the GNP on new accounts so, the puritans can count on us and invest in the new assets: Human Beings and HIQ!

It should be easy to value if its hell or Heaven on a local basis by State leaders.

There have been wrote many stories and legends about it. But all high civilisations on this globe has up till now violated and raped nature and simple biological basic rules and systems, such as nature and forest can not be burned or removed away all around you, you can not poison your nature and inhabitant, you can not let the tax pressure raise and raise, so it wont pay it self to work the last hour or to produce.

This mistaken behaviour and environmental inheritance are our efficient, to efficient modern falls social concept in that direction living fully up to:

A globe is practically ruined by so called High-Cultures and so called intelligence. Better put it this way: "World leaders let it happen up through the history and even put a name on the spices: >HOMO< Sapiens. Is that "Homo" for male as a value understood and to suppress female values?

We can not sit and do nothing and consider our self to be blindfolded and eat donuts to keep the fear away. We are adults and we can not, absolutely not give this planet in its conditions today to our children. Children of this planet have to pay. Have they ordered? Where they asked. Can they vote? No. Why. It is too expensive for the state because of a bookkeeper, a monk, a French "euro-trash" living est. 300 years before us.

He was smart in his time. When we be smart in our time. Today?

I am Bob Dole and I can sell sand I Sahara, melted of cause. I can may be sell the Arabs a savannah or a jungle where the desserts are to day and I can promise 100 % pure energy for every purpose we need. Welcome to The Republican Future World 1997 and forward.

I love you. Vote for me.


No one but the Mighty Lord - not even a donaut - can make provision for depreciation or simply writing of living life, biological material or a planet. Neither your own or others life. You shall have respect for it as Holy. Have the strategies in sales to much power when we live alone and become soft and lonely and are we buying in our own interest politically.

Buy not just for basic needs but buy your opinion.

If you can not afford it vote for it but in a way it is financed.

I am Bob Dole and I will pay as President and you are welcome to dial me and my new staff in office for a discussion (profile: you lead and you forget %).

What to do, when socialist are crawling and envy all over you. Go into the market. Beat me! He said to me. No one can share my brain.

And he knows what the U. S.A stands for in a new Future World

... Oh there he comes

(Small applause from staff for you and non from Bill,

not in the agreement with Bill Clinton staff).

Camera tree at the inventor, enters and we walk to the prototype

Please join ... us Bill... (Behind or walks out and camera turns and tempo shifts and cut)

It works! One litre. of fuel in energy, a day per square feet and up to over 20.000 kW effect a day. Next century’s energy. He is American! (and walking back to the tables without the inventor).

And Bill... clintor, sorry Clinton. This spy episode in Copenhagen where he was denied any kind of help what have you done about that in the CIA. Are the Contra Espionage informed and working?

I have a letter from the inventor in February and a new one to (enclosed) and a letter to the ambassador and the conversation on tape to you? Let us listen to their conversation?

Why haven't you made any respond? This is a State Matter and he offers his work to the United States of America, Why not Bill? (Is security present for an arrest, mumbling ...)

("We work on it", said in a mike low volume)

Work for help or to by time to be elected. This must be a surprise for you. I have to say it:

Bill's to bill (We got him the spiritist said. He hates to pay so his spirit splits...).

Camera one close up on Bob Dole.

"Vote for me I am Bob Dole".

And camera to the inventor and he bows and a soft swing and long (dream) fade on Bob Dole and a double but hidden heart in a commercial after that and then a shutdown story in Washington.

Headlines all day and night. Inventor chose "Dollers”...

Could be made with a puppy a "Mr. Yes-Man".

And for campaign bags with smell to the picture story of everyday America but no hero talk but Social realistic! Hard core description of how non communication provoke us into a sudden role or part of a community in the middle of the communication revolution - for Mr. Envy’s all by them self. Make it rape hard core. Start at birth, school, sports football take him out and boxing knock him out, and what do we run for! It ends in traffic crass and sirens. Sirens free commercial all night in the capitols. (To remind your voters).

Commercial follows:

The picture again from the shopping centre but reverse to the flowers the lady had but on the field.

Bob Dole to serve and protect you and Private Property and Thé Nation , have to go, said by the officer (live-effect) picture stops and a lot of noise and drama and black screen with serene and stereo left right for 15 seconds. Level like from behind a window 5-10 floors.

Make the voter think about: What happened to Mr. Bob Dole. The care-for effect.

The end of Socialist and Democrats combined worldwide and in The Whitehouse working for nationalisation.

I have no money at all. So I hope for us Sir, that it would be possible for you to invite me.

The best reference I can give you is Mr. former director in General Dynamics, Dallas, Texas.

He has a wife who can translate this with out a problem and as far as I know I am approved in all to enter the United States of America at practically all levels by the General Dynamics (?) and the Contra Espionage Washington DC attn. Mrs. .I have also met Mrs. in a restaurant in Miami Florida in 1992, but none related at all.

I have got relations to a part of the family in Houston and I have good family relatives in the U.S.A and Canada all living a straight life in all.

Good citizens.

Best regards

Peter Claire Schwartzlose

Inventor of SLES

The Sunlight Laser Energy Systems

Why is this "Claire-Vat-ism" smart:

Because now soft values can be measured on account in the State Sector and the best will win in the benefit of the minority and in respect to HIQ, private property and soft values in public work on State level as well. Things will never get better if sharing is to spread values to obstruct higher intelligence or neglect it or steel it in a cannibalistic process.

Even the most red Socialist or Communist or else will or has to become the out most Capitalist in the goal and function in his job to stay in it. Life is not a matter of equalising but wide growth with a system to guide by laws and regulations in a Price, Time on labour and Quality Warranty, PTQW in a Free Capitalistic Social Responsible System, FCSRS. This way quality will raise and so will the peoples view on both private and public employs and leadership in all.

A basic communication law. In time we can have what we can process and then behaviours and spirit will be the main factor the variable. For some privileged it is already today.

Progress inside will make it work.

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

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ClaireVat-Ism, Creation.

Staring RIHANNA, NBC 2012 National, "Where Have You Been", earlier "Kisses Don't Lie" on caught Beteen Yes and No, particles on existance as issue. Link to music in my text. JENS PETER


Big Bang cancelled.

Life and Lifeforms explained

1. was She a giving birth /

dubblication is a She, male is a reduction (Bio).



Rihanna CD 2006 "A Girl Like Me".

Date: 20150404 06:37-09:13-55 ST. CET. SPE.


Rihanna "Kisses Don't Lie" from CD "A Girl Like Me" here live in concert. Thumbs up, no finger given. Peter, Jutland expressed dialect time 1:06, Peter watch, repeated in chorus in CD track 02. Peter = Pedar spoken. In the text Rihanna states: Wind will blow. This little to trust in. Seduce themselves with lies. Further on from my SPACE Science the Creation; The smallest matter is a "No" and cannot exist, a "Yes" is the existing and enough matter to continue. Rihanna is asking should I stay or go caught in-between the state of existing as single. The state is further on a relation in danger zone and no where to hide. Will JENS PETER give a Yes to Rihanna playing by her own rule missing kissing and will be touched. The two Yes' the gathering of matter begins, the first couple. Event Gravity begun.



With light and love many thanks for your trust and readings for inspiration of my sites to record label and most selling world famous artist. Like any other moment in time you are holding a standing invitation to visit my HQ in person for further business and future writings. Many are not posted here and not forgotten. Time will tell. - In Love,


Creation, understanding of Universes.

The very beginning of endless SPACE backwards in endless time.


The Creation Religion Clairevatism.

Under the FCSRS States is matter gathered peacefully to first Stars in several places in endless SPACE and gravity from out of Universes by existing matter drag all concentrated matter outwards into endless SPACE containing endless materia. The Big Bang is a falsum. When matter also loaded particles gathers to glowing objects larger is a Star creation. Star is a SPACE Body what can explode and fabrication of not only psychic chemistry but serious organic structures is created in blows. All matter to contract to a center of all Universes is by psychic impossible such Balck Hole do not exist ever. Matter will meet in hits, shine up earlier, separate, duplicate, blow. Further Galaxies are moving against each other. So several Universes exist. One Big Bang would have given one direction out from a center, so by astronomic observations of movements in SPACE Big Bang never exist and Domeday cancelled. The gathering of matter in to becoming a Star what shines Light, and when mush bigger than our Star the Sun over 10.000 times bigger the lightest Stars stars sling outwards and devide in to two Stars in centrifugal force or simply gas lost in to space like a daily eent for Stars at pools in radiation and particles in all shot out. So as gathered material the centres of Galaxies and Mega Stars are the strongest gravity provideres as single not a line of several Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Moons, fields/volume universes etc.

The gravity force in fact works outwards from Dynamic Endless Free-Space in how weight is organiced in lines out from centre of all on the move of all entire universes, upand out in to Free Space beyond where life-able. Largest force in gravity of most material spread out not gathered in colder and colder Free-Space here under in energy including light, heat, and radiation from shining gathered matter from our point on matter, and matter is grag and accellerated outwards in to endless space and the Very Beginning is a never ending story in events in psychics of gathering of smallest in named Yes's to continue and buildt up the ever expanding Universes. Even today statistically by hard prove the creation of Universes of millions of Galaxies is ongoing far far away from our point of view to observe from.

Other psychics all existing matter cannot be place as a gigantic black hole because then a Galaxy first place. A SPACE vacuum cleaner by gravity forces. All ever existed because from absolute Nothing all can not be created. All shattered and spreaded out endless in objective cold SPACE and first event before gathering was Dynamic. One Yes made a move and spin began, then energy later voltage occurs and Universes creation could begin. Question existing what made the first move happen but love to life defined materia on the move.


Organic Life Universal proven math/Statistics

Much later in one place or several at the same time organic life started. Virus are first lifeform in the here defined structure of amino acid able to reproduce itself. Other is organic additing of organic molecules but with out capability to reproduce it self but when large enough separates in two or more. Later a cell membrane structure is created as biological life invent. A genomen the virus first lives without host. It is made from a shining Star blown in this amino acids entering a Lifeable Planet and next process begins; or a Star Planet like State Planet Earth produced in volcanic activity in a common process as in a laboratory where reagents is one by one molecule to the substance to build up the first structure we can call organic Lifeform. Using math and statistic laws Life is Universal. It exist many place in endless SPACE. Life both in psychics later Bio Organic is the strongest Force existing. The process mapping genetics was growing since the late 1970'ties. Explanation of cell in life forms is explained in the energy field surrounding every body or a drop or bobble was the scapelon for a combined both virus and the lifeform a She was First Lifeform recognized in giving birth able to duplicate by time ended in survival of the fittest as the cells we know today Plant or Animal or both in one cell or fungus or virus in host. Life forms from this basis here is universal and you can imagine and build the genes is protein based lifeform and have intelligent life forms developed to perfect match conditions like moisture, heat, nutrients, salts, gravity, speed, preditation pressure to match any Lifeable habitat. Later Human the question expressed Who Man must be of agent interest. In Danish language She is "Kvinde" K for Kill/Knife and Vinde is in actions expressed The Winning.


The modern brains in Humans FEMA Sapiens is no older from this Star Planet Earth than under 50.000 years. The several and extra brains and skills and looks here under hairlines, human feets, eye colors, hand sattle bone joint, and look in general world wide even isolated islands in the Persific Ocean, we all have in common so a massive butchery has taken place and preditor pressure too to have us by Intelligence by brains close genetic, and inserted by our creators even own families. Space travel is about She must be doctor skilled, scientist and captain of ships and satellites to arrive and stay and carbon water life form genetics universal and crmosome pairs the same. Too much fits in the excisting genepool to match a life on board from Space travel and gathering to make Noah Arch Earth in cycluses exposed fully of today, and simply brains low logic dies out.

About 250 Million years back in time the events in what accured on Earth as I see it was import from other places in the Universes gathered by travellers and super engineers individuals knowing of  the area of the Sun and planets and life-able. By killing un predictable and most primitive life forms in races own races and themselves could make this Our Home of refines and clean races seen in People, and Nature and a Planet in ballance delivered in adjusting Sea Salt, CO2, Fresh Water ice deposits and an variation in climate zones so all Nature can exist preserved up to next journey for all kind survival. Genocides among people's races very violent but the race caristica of most clever life forms humans exist where set free to work and by the truth and nothing but the truth informed and shooled by education including Thought premisses accepted. The Latin School prevention of Free thought and the elements and definition Life, God, Creations, Brains and genetics never understood not accepted as Race Preference on Intelligence by product presented or performed, but in slightly when intertainment but not natural free basis. So school unnatural and not respecting Nature nor Creators Work as shooling product in students.

Genetics in molecules in Acids and Bases and Molecules in string(s) named Genomen our genetics is of 3 Billion parts and what seperates Humans is about 1 % in the mass of genes combined. The Math calculation from statistic outfall and criteria survivor in Nature by sellection to breed on can not be achieved, so import from Space and not Eath made in life-forms here eldest cell life of 3,5 Billion years. We can considder us Noahs Arch in Space a Zoo preserved by us, so never destroy what we got and achieved. Interesting is to look in to nearest Space and a local Star System has blown and travel is only a few light years away so is Natural Humanity Space Travel. So one million places in the genetic heir mass we are deferent from each other as average deference. Over time of a few hundred million years in genetics by math in combination and mutations lifeform our Modern Human race could not develope from lower primate, why traveled to Earth.

In Nature seen same genetics math in developement to Race now a days not possible in a few hundred million years and never in under 50.000 Years from mush deferenct lower race less skilled in brain performance, moving claw (fingers) hand with saddel jouint, colors, feets for running, Bio-Radio, eye-sight, logic in languages, mathematics etc., what is BIO-High-Tech and effective when right defined by body

owners will and existance in what achieved and what can be performed also not published in part known science, but in conflict with Church theologies. So the calculation in constructing by gene by Acid and Base and Molecules over line in billions not made in a few thousand years. So where lived the Alians, who by gene looks are sorted out in nurcerooms birth ways at Western Hospitals in breed by this race is strongest and the Human Race developement in getting shorter (100-140 Cm no dwarg), bigger heads for brains, faster moves and no hair, no nails, no teeth, no tail bones, and by psychiatry of today considdered skitzofrenics highly temperamentful dangerous minors..

We can asume where climate best and Nature Richest and food catch easiest and Island protections also to farm industry meat without fendses. Nature People the over-all winner in living sustainable a Must for Space Travel in survival on board own ships in food produced during journey and waste not on board but all recircled like Carbon Circle intact so is freezer and heat from controlled engines flying Space Dust and water the multi functionality on board in to drink, bade, swim, radiation and security, fresh food stock, and water as Fuel etc.


The written history and explorations of this planet took place in all cultures and know history from before 5.000 years before Christ empires made expeditions continent to continent proven, then what FEMA-made the evolution of today as result, i.e. in the vegetation in travelers brought food seed with them best example is the Orange. Buildings by culture as evidence is Pyramides. The exchange of Intelligence to win as universal is all in my written Religion The Clairevatism. Thought here is Universal defined Energy. Human for this Star Planet is told named dangerous The Moving Claw. We have 5 Brains and 2 outside our head. The central is in the head in 1 We do deliberately, 2. We filter thoughts, 3. From the lower brain in common with reptiles in many still untamed. 4'th brain by thought defined not organ is the our largest cell by nerve down our back. 5. Other by body in common with vegetation cell to cells communication and body talk. The modern brain as head total understood is in half internal communicating in She and a He side and described as She the Creative and other side He for systematics and calculating by skill of Thoughts. Lower part is basic monotorical movements by body.

A brain and by body by own thought program and define it self. Often expressed is: By the Force of the Thought also spoken The Power of Love/Give Life. A Thought is Energy in Light as voltage in substance, psychics is Light a Foton F+ the Electron e- and electrons are all Light, read not only brain, cell but in all living matter. Complicated thinking is known for higher life form or collective organized events. To ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE BY FORCED THOUGHT EVEN ELEMENTS and SPACE OBJECTS can be manipulated about position in SPACE. The Organic Computing of our own and spiritual relations, you are who you flush with or bring in to you home is your body, was long before psychic computing and strongest force invented. Thought the Energy The Force can wander in habitats even SPACE. In The Force Energy connected most well known is in bodytalk the travel in energy of collective orgasms with or without touching.


Legal State shall be legally defended:

To me alls and Star Planet Earth safety and security to able to defend defined Planet Star State and vital treasures often taken for free even granted a Property in hand then legal justice are able to defend by needed force and power after validating a given visitor any existence. My State do not collect to a none existence person or body not proven. I as President for legal owners takes a stand from case to case do we meet Human Legal Body serving our lifeform and serve our safety and interests etc. Importance here as criteria is visitor Legal Law State by our definition or a simply criminal, opportunist even our predator or to dominant for our own survivals as FEMA Sapiens and to our State Planet Earth Nature even elements etc. Questions call you local military defenses.



- - Find FAX to The Whitehouse WA DC y. 1996

The Logic by practice and experience. Question what is not a question to The Light: sees The Light Forces show of by the given information in solving, status exemplified and time to organize for New Star Planet States defined. Or what is no chosen the act old man brain alike violent. Further see military/terrorist act as treat and eliminate first before a actual competitor. By the ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE known processes start growing on a given information presented. Even Human Intelligence is known for the luxury well off loaded in lifestyle as little work as possible and stay superior by the examples often named intellectual and intelligent not to compare with weapon superiority's holder, who in modern time now is fully UNDER the Legal Laws and such other force. Over time the winner is the product of best in Thought defined The Force, who persons of the ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE Of UNIVERSES HOLD, CONTROL, GOVERNS.





Date: 20150322 07:43

and 20150931 18:48 & 20160619 15:26 ST. CET. SPE.